Annual Subscription - Australia


We have just launched our Annual Subscription of Soul Tread that auto-renews!

  • Your subscription will begin with Edition 6: Autumn 21/22
  • Australia-Wide Postage included
  • We'll send you a reminder before your annual subscription auto-renews

What our readers are saying:

"Balm to the soul. The perfect Sabbath read." - Sarah, VIC

"Soul Tread is a breath of fresh air for contemporary Christian in Australia and a positive outlet for the often overlooked creatives of the faith." Roydon - NSW

"It's always an "Oh, goody!" moment when I find the next Soul Tread in the mailbox. It's an even greater pleasure to open it, relax, and take in the thoughtful content, the beautiful artwork in all its variety, and that Australian flavour that is so rarely encountered in our Christian media diet." - Karen, VIC

*You can cancel anytime by logging into your account or contacting us