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Which seasons do you go by?

We’re an Australian magazine so we go by the Aussie seasons: 

Summer: December, January & February (Posting December 1st)

Autumn: March, April, May (Posting March 1st)

Winter: June, July, August (Posting June 1st)

Spring: September, October, November (Posting September 1st) 

Does the price include shipping?

Yes, it does. For each of our subscription options, you can choose between Australia-wide or International and shipping is factored into the price.

How does the quarterly subscription work?

Many of you already subscribe to Netflix, Coffee Beans & Loo roll… it works just like that. Your card will be automatically charged quarterly and you can change your payment details, postal address or cancel your subscription by clicking Login or by contacting us at

How does the annual subscription work?

You pay once and receive the four editions over a 12-month period. This does not renew at the end of the year. You will need to subscribe again but don’t worry, we’ll shoot you an email after your received edition 4! And if you change your address during the year, just shoot us an email

How long will the delivery take?

This depends on a number of factors. We currently use Australia Post and they advise 2-10 days for delivery in Australia. Things can be a little slower depending on COVID-19 restrictions and Christmas, especially for International shipping.

Do you track the deliveries?

We do not offer tracked options at the moment, though we can do so upon request.

What if I’m not a fan of the magazine?

We offer a full refund if you bought an annual subscription via our website but not through the Kickstarter. You just need to let us know before we send the second issue on your subscription. Quarterly subscriptions are not refundable but can be cancelled, just go to Login.