Soul Tread Writing Coaching Group


Are you a writer?

 Whether you are just starting out, an avid blogger or publishing regularly, a writing group can be a great source of growth and encouragement.

Join a Soul Tread Writing Coaching Group for 2022! Each session will include: 

 - Writing exercises, led by Laura Cerbus or Alexis Bird
 - Workshopping a piece of writing from someone in the group
 - A discussion of your current writing challenges and achievements

 Group A with Laura Cerbus

8pm to 9:30pm AEST (Melb/Syd/Can/Hob) on Zoom
2nd Monday of the Month
Running from March to October

Laura Cerbus is a writer and teacher with fifteen years of experience in the classroom. She has experience with a wide variety of genres, and she loves gathering with others around the written word. In addition to teaching, she is an established writer. She has been featured in print and online publications, including Plough Quarterly, Mere Orthodoxy, Fathom Magazine, and Soul Tread. You can find her online at

Group B with Alexis Bird

8pm to 9:30pm AEST (Melb/Syd/Can/Hob) on Zoom
3rd Monday of the Month
Running from March to October

Alexis Bird is an emerging writer and editor who believes that wielding language with precision is an invaluable skill worth mastering. She has published both fiction and non fiction work in magazines around the country and is a long time copy editor at Soul Tread. She has a degree in Literature and Languages and is currently pursuing an MA in Editing, Publishing and Creative Writing. Her writing has appeared in TMA, Lot's Wife Magazine and Substack. Alexis enjoys reading and writing on topics surrounding the city and conceptual spaces. You can often find her reading and writing in cafes or flaneusing around the city. 


  • Maximum of 8 per group
  • Cost is $100 for the year ($80 for Soul Tread Subscribers. Check your email on December 1st for your Discount Code)