Soul Tread is a unique space for writers and creatives to share their work with the world. We want to raise up and support Australian talent, which is why we pay all our contributors. We welcome writers and creatives who are established or emerging.

 Please send all submission enquiries to Alexis Bird:

 You are welcome to send in story ideas.


Soul Tread has a focus on sustaining faith, church + community, and cultural engagement - giving space for millennial Christians to reflect deeply on their faith. We are looking for writing that is challenging, thoughtful and hopeful: emphasising lived experience rather than just theological arguments and critique. Written for millennials but read by everyone, we are looking for writing that is neither popular nor academic but thoughtful. This means writing that encourages deep reflection and inspires action.

Length: 400, 800, 1200 or 1600.


We have a growing team of photographers and illustrators who express themselves through a variety of styles. We primarily look for editorial images to accompany written articles in the magazine. We also have a scripture calligraphy by an illustrator in each edition.


In each quarterly edition of Soul Tread, our Poetry Editors Miriam Dale and Matthew Pullar choose an historic poem and a theme. Our growing poetry community will receive the theme and deadline via email. If you want to join the Soul Tread Poetry Community with the possibility of having your poetry printed in Soul Tread, follow the instructions on how to contribute below.   


If you want to contribute writing, photography, illustrations, or poetry please send an email to with the following two documents. Please note that submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

Document 1:

This document outlines a bit about you as a writer. Please submit a PDF. document including your name + headshot, email address, mobile number, social handles + website, church + denomination and town/city. Please also include a short (100-150 word) creative bio telling us about yourself.

Document 2:

This is your chance to impress us and express yourself. See the genre-specific guidelines below:

Writing – Submit a word document with the article you are pitching. Please use a standard font, double-spaced, and render the paragraphs. Include the pitched title and your name in the heading. The article does not need to be complete, but please aim for at least 60% of the word limit you are aiming for and use dot points to outline the trajectory of your work.

Photography and Illustration – Submit a PDF. Document with 1-2 pages of your visual style. You may wish to provide a brief description of each piece.

Poetry Corner – Submit a word document with the 3-5 pages of your poetry. Please use a standard font and space how you would like it printed.