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If you're over skimming the surface and if you're after less drama and more thoughtful content, Soul Tread is for you.

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Take a break from digital fatigue and curl up on the couch with Soul Tread.

A beautifully designed, quarterly print-only magazine created for millennials, Soul Tread explores faith from an Aussie perspective through illuminating writing, illustrations and photography. Including exclusive, original content that can’t be found anywhere else, each Soul Tread issue scouts out hopeful stories covering sustainable faith, church as a community and cultural engagement.

Australian-made and eco-friendly, Soul Tread comes in a compostable mailbag and is printed on recycled, carbon neutral, FSC certified paper.

Anna McGahan

“I know the people of faith around me are complex. They think deeply, they pursue God with vigour and yet they also hold back… there is a wrestle going on. The conversations happening in living rooms are often different to the ones happening at the pulpit, especially now the form of church is changing. I want to unearth some of these secret conversations about God. We’re under a lot of pressure to pursue that which only turns to dust in our hands, but I believe this publication is going to be a tall glass of (living) water for dehydrated souls."

Nathan Campbell

"I love print. I love tactile things. I love the idea that Christianity has something to say about the good, the true, and the beautiful. And that that something might be matched with a form that supports the message. I'm really excited about the place Soul Tread might occupy in the Australian landscape, and on my coffee table."

Devi Abraham

"I believe deeply in the power of words to form and transform individuals and communities. There's a dearth of quality writing and thinking for people of faith in Australia, and I'm excited to be part of something like Soul Tread that's seeking to revitalise the minds and souls of Christians in Australia. To do this it is vital to connect beauty, the arts, and thorough theological insights, and I believe that this is Soul Tread's aim. I'm delighted to be part of this endeavour."

Arnaldo Santiago Jr

If we have any hope of carrying God’s Presence into our beautiful and broken world we need to learn how to slow down. That is, we must carry both the spirit of the contemplative and the fire of an activist if we are to be the people of God. I believe this lies at the heart of Soul Tread. I’m most excited about being a part of a dynamic and diverse team to help the church slow down, engage with truth and beauty and be drawn into the cosmic story of the King.

Heidi Tai

“I believe that now more than ever, Christian creatives need to occupy public spaces to display the beauty of the gospel in a hurting world. A theology text book can give you the facts, but art has the capacity to ignite the imagination, to stir the senses, and to point people to the tangible love of God in a world that’s hungry for hope. I love that Soul Tread affirms the role of creativity in gospel ministry and desires to support an industry that has suffered due to COVID-19. With Australian millennials leaving the church in droves, I am excited to be part of a creative project that seeks
to serve this demographic.”