Monk Manual


We are no longer selling Monk Manuals and all our stock has been moved to our friends at The Little Lost Bookshop in Katoomba, NSW. Click here to purchase. 


The Monk Manual is a vegan leather 90-day planner designed to bring the timeless wisdom of monastic living into your everyday life.

As featured in Edition 1 of Soul Tread, the Monk Manual is about being + doing. It brings together productivity and spiritual growth with daily, weekly and monthly pages. 

You can explore more at their website:

Shipping Cost -
Australia-Wide: 1-4 Monk Manuals - $13.50
New Zealand: Flat rate of $24.00

"I picked up the Monk Manual after reading about it in the first edition of Soul Tread Mag, and have been using it ever since. The daily pages help me stay on top of what's important today, whilst the weekly pages make sure I've got a good balance between work, life and family. The monthly pages orient me toward growth and remind me where I'm headed. Most importantly the Monk Manual keeps me grounded in a rhythm that is nourishing, prioritises my family and is intentional. It helps slow me down." - Kane L., Melbourne VIC